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The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos

Directed By SON Yong-ho
Cast LEE Don KIM Sang-joong, KIM A-joong, JANG Ki-yong
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While transporting dangerous high-profile prisoners, a prisoner transport vehicle turns over. These prisoners escape and make a run for it. To catch these escaped prisoners, the police decide to regroup a special crime investigation team, which consists of prisoners like Park Woong-Cheol (DON LEE) known to take out 30 people by himself; Kwak No-Soon (KIM A-JOONG) who is a skilled con artist; Ko Yoo-Sung (JANG KI-YONG) a former detective, and the legendary detective Oh Goo-Tak (KIM SANG-JOONG).

죄수들이 탈출했다!
교도소 호송차량이 전복되고 최악의 범죄자들이 탈주하는 사상 초유의 사건이 발생한다.
이에 경찰은 수감 중인 범죄자가 흉악범을 잡는 극비 프로젝트인 ‘특수범죄수사과’를 다시 소집한다.

미친개… 다시 풉시다!
‘오구탁’(김상중) 반장은 과거 함께 활약했던 전설의 주먹 ‘박웅철’(마동석)을 찾아가고,
감성 사기꾼 ‘곽노순’(김아중)과 전직 형사 ‘고유성’(장기용)을 영입해 새로운 팀을 구성한다.


Director by SON Yong-ho

Genre Action, Crime

Language Korean w/ English Subtitles

Running Time 113 minutes



  • LEE Don KIM Sang-joong
  • KIM A-joong
  • JANG Ki-yong

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